02 Nov 2017

New Rides in DUFAN

Dunia Fantasi Lihat Peta

New Rides in Dufan


Closing the end of 2017, Dunia Fantasi presents four new rides that can be enjoyed by all family members. The presence of new rides starts from November to December.


In November, the Fantasy World will present the Dream Playground and Color of Kingdom rides. Dream Playground is the biggest children's game in Indonesia. With an area of ​​900 m2, this vehicle is equipped with various facilities, such as trampoline, soft play toys, wall climbing, futsal games, play panel, sand pool, sliding ride, block puzzle, education toys and mini rides. While the Color of Kingdom is a show rides that tells of the rescue of the princess of the giant dragon.


Closing the end of the year, precisely in December, Dunia Fantasi will present Time Adventures, where you will be invited to explore time into the past. Another new vehicle to be present is Galactica, an action to save the planet Mars from the evil aliens. On the Galactica rides, you will be guided by Garin who is the commander of this rescue mission. Will you conquer all the aliens and save the Planet Mars? Find the answer only in Galactica.


Enjoying the four new rides Dufan, would be more exciting with the promo price-efficient. Therefore, immediately have Annual Pass Dufan for free 1 year and also enjoy all the rides Dufan including new rides.


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