01 Nov 2017

Dolphin Bay at Ocean Dream Samudra

Ocean Dream Samudra Lihat Peta

Dolphin Bay as the New Ocean Ocean Ocean Rides opens to get to know closer the dolphins, the smart and good-natured sea mammals. Dolphin Bay is a pond with a size of 500 m2 and 10-20m diameter, later visitors will be more cool to know more closely marine mammals. The presence of dolphins in the Ocean Dream Ocean is a good educational facilities, especially for children with special needs, through therapy with Dolphin Therapy (Dolphin Therapy). This therapy can provide benefits, among others, can grow concentration, flexing nerves that are less functioning and so forth. In addition, as one of the conservation agencies that have been recognized by the Ministry of Environment & Forestry, Ocean Dream Samudra also managed to breed these marine mammals on a regular basis.


For terms and conditions follow the Swimming with Dolphin at Dolphin Bay namely:

1. Visitors must purchase a regular admission ticket (weekdays / weekend) Ocean Dream Ocean

2. Visitors buy tickets / coupons for Swimming with Dolphin for Rp. 500.000, - / person

3. Upon entering the Dolphin Bay rides, visitors are required to show the Swimming with Dolphin Coupons to Dolphin bay officers

4. Visitors are required to wear buoys

5. Visitors do not have long nails

6. Visitors must wear swimsuits

7. Visitors are not allowed if they have special diseases, such as epilepsy and heart.

8. Pregnant mothers are not allowed to follow the Swimming with Dolphin.


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