01 Nov 2017

Dufan App

Dunia Fantasi Lihat Peta

Dunia Fantasi released a Smart Phone application named Dufan App that has officially launched on 29 August 2016 to coincide with the 31st anniversary of Dufan. With the current digital era, the needs of smartphone applications are needed in various world of entertainment and recreation places so that Dufan provide services Dufan App application for the needs of visitors Fantasy World .. Dufan App application can already be downloaded on Playstore (Android) and AppStore (ios) with a variety of interesting features that will make you feel Dufan excitement in smartphones, including:


- Video Wahana: here you can see various rides in Dufan with high quality video without the need to use quota, so you can every day see excitement rides at Dufan- Info Promo: Information on promo in Dufan will be faster update and you could be the first to know

- Unique Code: This unique code can be used to enjoy Dufan ticket promo price according to the period shown on the promo of unique code

- Map Interactive: Map or Dufan recreation site location complete with information so you will not be confused to be in Dufan

- Video & Music: Enjoy a variety of free movies and music presentations that will accompany your days with Dufan App



This application will provide updates with various latest features such as Video streaming and Queue Counter so that visitors can see Dufan queue in several rides Dufan in realtime. Let's wait let alone, immediately download the application Dufan App and get interesting promotions in Ancol Fantasy World.